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Pensions law

Pensions law

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  1. Pensions Law Handbook - ISBN 9781780438528

    Pensions Law Handbook


    Publication date 30 January 2017
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  2. Tolley's Pensions Taxation 2016-2017 - ISBN 9780754552642

    Tolley's Pensions Taxation 2016-2017


    This title highlights all of the changes which have taken place since 2006 and particularly includes any new 2016 changes to the pensions taxation regime. The book explores both the general principles and the details of how the tax system interacts with pensions. Learn More
    Publication date 23 December 2016
    By LexisNexis UK
  3. Corporate Insolvency: Pension Rights - ISBN 9781784514716

    Corporate Insolvency: Pension Rights


    Publication date 22 December 2016
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  4. Employment Law and Pensions - ISBN 9781780439013

    Employment Law and Pensions


    Publication date 23 February 2016
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  5. The Law of Pension Trusts - ISBN 9780199672486

    The Law of Pension Trusts


    The most detailed treatment available of pension trusts law. This book draws together all of the relevant topics providing analysis of the case law and addressing many of the tricky problems which pensions practitioners and academics face. Learn More
    Publication date 28 November 2013
    By Oxford University Press
  6. Reorienting Retirement Risk Management - ISBN 9780199592609

    Reorienting Retirement Risk Management


    This volume explores how workers and firms should reassess the risks associated with retirement saving and dissaving to identify creative ways to enhance retirement risk management. It examines the key role for financial literacy and education programs, better pension design, and innovative financial products in addressing new economic realities. Learn More
    Publication date 26 August 2010
    By Oxford University Press
  7. Recalibrating Retirement Spending and Saving - ISBN 9780199549108

    Recalibrating Retirement Spending and Saving


    As Baby Boomers make the transition into their 60s, they have focused policymakers and the media's attention onto how they will manage the retirement phase of its lifetime. This volume acknowledges that many, though not all, in this older cohort have accumulated substantial assets, so for them, the question is what will they do with what they have? Learn More
    Publication date 25 September 2008
    By Oxford University Press
  8. Pension Fund Investment Law - ISBN 9781847662484

    Pension Fund Investment Law


    A guide to the law relating to the investment of pension funds in the UK. It sets out the legal issues affecting the decision-making of pension fund trustees and their advisers, from the legal restrictions and controls on diversification to the asset-liability conundrums, corporate governance and ethical environmental issues. Learn More
    Publication date 01 September 2008
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  9. Pension Fund Trustee Handbook - ISBN 9781845921750

    Pension Fund Trustee Handbook


    A comprehensive guide to the role and duties of occupational pension fund trustees. It covers both statutory and trust law and has been fully revised and updated to include the Pensions Act 2004. It sets out the role of the sponsoring employer, the rights of the scheme members, and what trustees require of their appointed advisers. Learn More
    Publication date 15 September 2005
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  10. Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004 - ISBN 9780199281909

    Blackstone's Guide to the Pensions Act 2004


    The Pensions Act 2004 is the most substantial change to pension law and practice since the Pensions Act 1995. The new Act comes into force in stages from April 2005 and will sweep away large portions of the existing regulatory regime for pensions. Together with the government's tax simplification proposals, contained in the Finance Act 2004, they will radically alter the conditions under which UK Learn More
    Publication date 02 June 2005
    By Oxford University Press
  11. Pensions Risk and Strategy - ISBN 9781898830757

    Pensions Risk and Strategy


    Addresses the major issues, including the ending of final salary (defined benefit) schemes in favour of defined contribution schemes; the balance between debt and equity investment strategies; and the impact of accounting and disclosure rules under FRS17 and developments following the Myners Report. Learn More
    Publication date 31 May 2005
    By Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
  12. Pension Dispute Procedures and Remedies: Practical Guide to IDRP, Ombudsman Complaints and Litigation - ISBN 9781845927370

    Pension Dispute Procedures and Remedies: Practical Guide to IDRP, Ombudsman Complaints and Litigation


    There has been a phenomenal growth in pensions disputes and a variety of routes have developed to resolve such issues. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the range of pensions dispute resolution techniques, explores the role of TPAS and mediation generally, and provides tips and tactics for avoiding costly disputes. Learn More
    Publication date 01 January 2002
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  13. Pensions Cases - ISBN 9781845926045

    Pensions Cases


    Presents pensions-related judgments and determinations. This title selects approximately 500 cases according to relevance and importance and categorised under subject area for ease of reference. Learn More
    Publication date 01 January 2001
    By Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
  14. Tolley's Pensions Law CD - ISBN 9780754508694

    Tolley's Pensions Law CD


    For those without Internet access, Tolley's Pensions Law CD is the most comprehensive and authoritative pensions service available on CD-ROM (which can be loaded onto a network for departmental use). It offers a comprehensive method of ensuring that you are fully compliant with all pensions law and practice. Learn More
    Publication date 15 May 2000
    By LexisNexis UK
  15. Tolley's Pensions Administration Service - ISBN 9780754508205

    Tolley's Pensions Administration Service


    Tolley's Pensions Administration Service Learn More
    Publication date 21 February 2000
    By LexisNexis

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